2018/19 SEASON

Our newly adopted mission statement says, We bring great music to life. That's what we've always done. But now we're trying to do it in new ways.

As we approach our centennial season (2019/2020), we're becoming aware of anniversaries. Mary Shelley gave Frankenstein to the world in 1818. In 2018, we observe the bicentennial with music that is both spine-tingling and fun. 1918 marked the first Armistice Day. We'll recall music from the WWI era as we salute all who have served our nation.

We at the Rochester Symphony want our music to make a difference in people's lives. We want to give you music that is not just beautiful but that helps you see the world in a new way, music that takes you someplace you've never been. So whether it's Brahms or Bernstein, Mahler or Modarelli, we hope you'll find something to take with you and treasure for a long time to come.